Workshop: In Our Hands: Community Accountability in Cases of Sexual Violence

So, 01.09.2019, 10.00 |
Centro Sociale
Sternstraße 2
Lets love our community <3

Sun 01.09: Introductory Workshop (with registration)

What does accountability mean in your community or your social surroundings? What does it mean to you personally? What would you do if violence or some
thing offensive happens among your friends, flatmates or within a group important to you? Are there ideas in your environment on how to handle experiences of sexual violence in a supportive way?
'Community Accountability’ is a concept developed by US-American organisations, such as Incite!, to hold persons accountable for their violent, oppressive behaviour. It's based on a transparent process organized by the community. It takes place without the involvement of the police and the criminal justice system in general, because they often support and perpetuate violence and oppression. Community Accountability aims to connect supportive work, prevention and educational work with political activism and perpetrator-centered methods.

Discofox Workshop (F) - für queere Tänzer*innen

So, 01.09.2019, 15.00 bis 16.00 |
Die Burg
Biedermannplatz 19
Discofox Workshop am 01.09.19 in der Burg

Am 01. September startet der TanzTakt wieder nach der langen Sommerpause durch und beginnt mit einem Discofox- Workshop für Fortgeschrittene.

Tanz-Takt- das queere Tanz-Vergnügen in HH Barmbek am 01.09.19

So, 01.09.2019, 16.00 bis 20.00 |
Die Burg
Biedermannplatz 19
Tanz-Takt- das queere Tanz-Vergnügen in HH Barmbek am 01.09.19

Tanz[t]akt ist das queere Tanzvergnügen in Hamburg-Barmbek.

Es darf auf ca. 100m² Tanzfläche ausgelassen getanzt werden zu feinster Standard & Lateinmusik, Salsa & Bacchata, Discofox und einer Prise Tango Argentino.

Queer-Feministisches Café

So, 01.09.2019, 16.30 |
Sa, 05.10.2019, 16.30 |
Sa, 02.11.2019, 16.30 |
Rote Flora
Achidi-John-Platz 1 in der Küfa
Flyer feministisches Café

Jeden 1. Sonntag im Monat

Geschlechtersensible Pädagogik - mit Genderkompetenz gegen Geschlechterklischees
Vortrag und Gespräch mit Fabienne Fröhlich

open to all genders. We should all be feminists!