Best of Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Sa, 22.10.2016, 22.30 |
Metropolis Kino
Kleine Theaterstraße 10
20354 Hamburg

Last year the PornFilmFestival Berlin celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Co-curator Manuela Kay will present a “Best of Porn Shorts” film night with excerpts from last year’s programme and a sneak preview of the coming festival which takes place 26th–30th October in Berlin. The festival is renowned for its feminist attitude, and openness for any kind of gender expression and sexual taste, ranging from queer to fetish. The programme is chosen accordingly for an open-minded audience.


Sa, 22.10.2016, 20.30 |
Passage Kino 1
Mönckebergstraße 17
20095 Hamburg

Michal Vinik, (IL, 2015, 85’) - Language: Hebrew, Subtitle: German

17-year old Na’ama Barash is bored to bits in the dull suburbs of Tel Aviv. Then her sister goes missing at a military base where she’s stationed, and Dana, a new girl at school, brings alcohol, drugs and love into Barash’s life. Michal Vinik’s accomplished film debut tells a complex coming of age story, without ignoring the surrounding social conflicts. A rightful winner of a number of awards in Israel and abroad.

Q-Movie Bar prösentiert: "Chocolate Babies"

Sa, 22.10.2016, 22.30 |
Brigittenstraße 5 Hinterhof
Hamburg St. Pauli

International Queer Film Festival: Chocolate Babies, Stephen Winter, (US, 1996, 83’), engl. OF

Who´s Gonna Love Me Now?

Fr, 21.10.2016, 22.30 |
Passage Kino 1
Mönckebergstraße 17
20095 Hamburg

Tomer Heymann, Barak Heymann (IL/GB, 2016, 85’) - Language: English, Hebrew, Subtitle: German

Saar’s been living in London for the last 20 years, but his past has caught up with him: he was 23 when he left the kibbutz and his ultra orthodox family behind to live an openly gay life. His family has now contacted him, forcing him to consider his place in the world: should he stay in London or return to Israel to face his family’s homophobic attitudes and prejudices regarding his HIV status? This moving documentary with a magical soundtrack from the “London Gay Men’s Choir” won the Panorama Audience Award at this years Berlinale.


Do, 20.10.2016, 22.30 |
Passage Kino 1
Mönckebergstraße 17
20095 Hamburg

Jake Witzenfeld, (IL/GB, 2015, 89’) - Language: English, Arabic, Hebrew, Subtitle: English

A documentary about three 20-year-old gay Pales­tinians in Tel Aviv: Khader lives with his Jewish ­boyfriend, David. Naeem’s village-dwelling family doesn’t know that he’s gay and he struggles with coming out to them. Fadi has conflicting feelings after meeting Benyamin, a Jewish man. The film reveals the friends’ personal perspectives on the 2014 Gaza-Israel-conflict, the generational gap, their complex identities as well as the creations of their activist group “Qambuta”.

Transit Havana

Do, 20.10.2016, 20.00 |
Passage Kino 1
Mönckebergstraße 17
20095 Hamburg

Malú, Odette and Juani, all transgender, live in Havana and are part of the “Cenesex” programme initiated by Mariela Castro, the daughter of Raúl Castro, Cuba’s president, who heads the centre for sexual education. “Cenesex“ facilitates gender reassignments financed by the state. However, places are limited. Will the protagonists find their luck despite all difficulties? The topic of ’transition’ also holds true for the portrayal of Cuba as depicted in the documentary – a country full of contradictions.

daniel abma, (NL/DE/CU, 2016, 86’) - Language: Spanish, Dutch, Subtitle: German

Queer Activism in Exile

Mi, 19.10.2016, 20.00 |
Rote Flora
Achidi-John-Platz 1
20357 Hamburg

This Kind of Love - Jeanne Hallacy, (TH, 2015, 43’) - Language: Burmese, English, Subtitle: English

My Refugee Story - Nour Metwally, (LB, 2015, 16’) - Sprache: Arabic, Untertitel: English


Do, 20.10.2016, 16.00 | bis So, 23.10.2016, 18.00 |
Markstraße 40a Karolinenviertel
20537 Hamburg

In Kooperation mit den Lesbisch Schwulen Filmtagen Hamburg - International Queer Filmfestival experimentieren wir dieses Jahr und zeigen drei aktuelle, spannende Videoarbeiten außerhalb der Kinos. Die besondere Qualität, die die Videos vereinen, liegt in der Vielfältigkeit und der Kombination von Materialien, mit denen die Künstler_innen arbeiten. Die spürbare Lust am Handwerk des Videomachens überträgt sich auf die Betrachter_innen. Dabei sind die Arbeiten formal so vielschichtig, dass sich beim wiederholten Ansehen immer wieder neue Aspekte entdecken lassen. Der Rahmen einer Ausstellung scheint ein passender Ort zu sein. Oder fehlt der Kinosaal? Vielleicht haben die drei Videos auch mehr gemeinsam, als nur ihr reichhaltiges Material? Grrrl!?

Q-Tipp präsentiert: A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile

Sa, 22.10.2016, 17.30 |
Passage Kino 2
Mönckebergstraße 17

Q-Tipp presents this movie at the Queer Film Festival :=

Gay Girl in Damascus, A: The Amina Profile  (CA, 2015, 84’)

Sophie Deraspe

Sprache: English, French, Arabic, Untertitel: English

Film "Klänge des Verschweigens"

Sa, 05.11.2016, 22.00 |
Brigittenstraße 5, Hinterhof
Hamburg-St. Pauli
Klänge des Verschweigens

Klänge des Verschweigens
Klaus Stanjek, D 2012, 90 min.