"Walk A Mile In my Shoes" The Delicious BarbieQ Dragrace

Samstag, 03. August 2019, 11.00 |
Samstag, 03. August 2019, 17.00 |

"Walk a Mile in my shoes" - versetz dich mal in meine lage...haben wir das nicht alle mal gedacht?

A queer answer at the:

Delicious BarbieQ Dragrace to prepare yourselve

Queer vegan Hotdog for free if you will have a Walk over the Bridge(t) over Troubled Walter ... IN PUMPS higher then Mounteverest. Questioning with the Bcademy Teachings of Post-Academic Knowledge will help you to
be strong and safe and successful on this queer Runway to do NOT the lipsync of your live.
Stay safe with the dragpowerQueens and Kings..... and a lot of Glamour

If you like bring you own shoes,... we got only 36-45;-)

11:00 Lange Reihe
17:00 Gängeviertel

CSD Hamburg
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